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Founded in 2006, World VPN is a Virtual Private Network provider which markets itself as an internet privacy and security solution, suitable for personal users or businesses. Features include encryption, IP masking and access to severs in more than 100 locations, granting customers access to region-restricted content.

The World VPN service can be used on a range of operating systems, including Windows, Mac OS, Android and iOS. Its users‘ activity while connected to the servers is not logged and subscriptions begin from just $4.95 per month, with discounts on that price offered to those who commit to a long-term plan.

Free Trial

As with many other VPN services on the market, World VPN offers new customers access to a free trial, in a bid to promote the product and reduce the element of risk. Requests for access to a trial can be made by filling out a form on the main company website, and an activation link will subsequently be sent to the email address provided.

The trial period is geared towards allowing users to try out the setup process and make sure that the service works on their devices. As a result, it is not an entirely accurate portrayal of a full subscription. Once activated, the trial can only be used for a period of up to one hour. The IP address associated with the account is shared.

Conditions and Features

In order to register for a free one hour trial account, only a valid email address is required. There is no need to provide credit card details or other personal information and there is no obligation to subscribe to the service afterwards. Trials end automatically and do not need to be cancelled by the user.

As well as being restricted in terms of the one hour limit, trials are subject to certain other limitations. For example, paid subscribers are given priority when it comes to bandwidth, which can lead to significant slowdown. As a result, the trial cannot be used to accurately assess World VPN’s connection speeds.

There is a limitation of one trial account per person, after which subscription is required to continue use of the service. However, paid subscribers have a further level of protection, in the form of a money back guarantee. This allows them to request a refund if they are unsatisfied and meet the other conditions of the policy.

Servers and Countries
WorldVPN – the names already lets you tell they have a wide range of IP adresses from all over the planet, including servers in countries like South Africa, Iceland, Germany, Denmark, Singapore, Chile, Poland, Portugal, Panama, England, Ukraine, Norway, Luxembourg, Russia, Ireland, Turkey, Sweden, Latvia, Netherlands, USA, Taiwan, Romania, Austria, Hong Kong, Brazil, France, Switzerland, Estonia, Spain, Italy, Finland, New Zealand, Australia, Belgium and even the Isle of Man.

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