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IVPN was founded in 2009 and has grown into a leading Virtual Private Network service provider. Subscribers are offered a number of security and privacy solutions, including IP address masking and encryption using the most advanced protocols. Moreover, customers can circumvent geo-blocking by accessing servers all over the world.

The company is based in Malta, which does not have mandatory data retention legislation in place and the company have even claimed they will relocate their service if such legislation is ever introduced. This makes IVPN a great choice for privacy conscious users, worried about having their online activity monitored or recorded.

Money Back Guarantee

Although IVPN does not offer a free trial period, it offers a comprehensive money back guarantee, which allows new customers to be fully reimbursed if they are not satisfied with the product for any reason. The guarantee covers the first seven days of a subscription and all pricing plans are included in the policy.

In order to claim their money back, customers are not required to ask for a refund. Instead, refunds are automatically issued to any users who decide to cancel their subscription within seven days. In the event that a refund is not automatically granted, customers should contact the billing department via the ticket support system.

Terms and Conditions

IVPN’s money back guarantee is available to any new customer who has paid for a subscription to the VPN service and then opted to cancel it within the first seven days. Users are not required to provide a valid reason for the cancellation, or proof of technical issues, although feedback may be requested for customer service reasons.

The seven day window covered by the money back guarantee is taken from the time an account is activated, rather than the first time the VPN service is used by a customer. Refund requests made outside of the first seven days are not subject to the guarantee and will almost certainly be refused.

Customers are eligible for a refund regardless of which pricing strategy they signed up for, or which operating system they are using the service on. However, IVPN reserve the right to refuse a refund to any user found to have been in violation of their terms of service. These terms are outlined clearly on the main IVPN website.

Servers and Countries
ivpn.net has some servers located in these countries: Netherlands, UK, Canada, France, Switzerland and the USA.

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