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Founded in 2012, TorGuard has quickly established itself as an elite VPN provider, offering its users a range of privacy and security options. As well as high level encryption, the service allows customers to hide their IP address for maximum privacy, and access content which is usually restricted based on geographical region.

TorGuard’s parent company is based in Nevis, West Indies, which helps it to avoid mandatory data retention laws. As a result, no logs are kept of users‘ internet activity. Subscription packages start at $9.99 per month, although long term subscriptions are subject to significant discounts on that price.

Money Back Guarantee

New TorGuard customers are protected by a conditional money back guarantee, which lasts for 30 days and allows them to demand a refund. This guarantee takes the risk element out of subscribing, as users are able to try out the service, make sure that it works on their device(s) and ensure they are completely happy with the product.

Customers are able to request their money back if they experience technical issues, or if they are unsatisfied with the service for any other reason. No proof of technical problems is required and users are not obligated to provide their reasoning. There are no activation or cancellation fees, so all money paid to TorGuard will be refunded.

Terms and Conditions

The TorGuard money back guarantee covers refund requests made during the first 30 days of a subscription and this 30 day window starts at the time or purchase, rather than the time of first usage. Although customers are able to demand their money back for any reason during this period, some basic feedback may be requested.

Refunds are available regardless of which payment method was chosen. However, users who purchased a subscription with BitCoin must accept that the currency is prone to market value fluctuations. Refunds will be assessed based on the exchange rate with USD at the time of reimbursement, rather than the time of purchase.

It should also be noted that the TorGuard 30 day money back guarantee has a conditional 10GB data usage limit. Customers who have used more than 10GB worth of data during their subscription are not eligible for a refund. Similarly, refund requests made outside of the initial 30 day window are likely to be turned down.

Servers and Countries
Their servers are located in many countries. That gives you access to IP adresses from Panama, Spain, Sweden, Brazil, Finland, France, Tunisia, Japan, Malaysia, Switzerland, Ukraine, Germany, Australia, Norway, Turkey, USA, Iceland, Romania, England, Egypt, India, Poland, New Zealand, Netherlands, Hong Kong, Italy, Singapore and Russia.

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