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Based out of Germany, Shellfire VPN is a Virtual Private Network service, which is compatible with a wide range of devices, including computers, mobile phones and tablets. The team behind the service have been offering internet security solutions for more than ten years and have slowly built a strong reputation within the VPN market.

As with other VPN providers, Shellfire makes use of encryption and IP masking techniques, granting effective online anonymity and increasing overall internet security. This can offer a number of benefits, including protection from hacking, snooping and various additional threats. It also keeps all online activity private.

Furthermore, the service can be utilised to get around online censorship and other geographical restrictions placed upon content. Subscriptions start from just €3.95 per month, although a restricted free version is available.

Free Version

Instead of offering the usual limited-time free trial or money back guarantee, Shellfire VPN offers a free restricted version of their product. This allows potential customers to get a taste of the product before they buy, or enables users with very basic requirements to utilise the service without ever having to pay for a subscription at all.

It should be noted that the Shellfire VPN free service is limited to the Windows, Mac and Android operating systems only and pop up advertising is present. Nonetheless, the service can be utilised as much as a customer wishes, month after month, with no need to provide credit card details or any other payment information.


As with the full subscription, Shellfire VPN’s free plan is capable of encrypting internet connections and bypassing censorship and geo-blocking. However, the full product has been scaled down, offering only two severs – one in Germany and one in the USA. Nevertheless, users are free to switch between them as they wish.

The OpenVPN protocol is supported, offering excellent security, although this encryption is limited to 128-bit, rather than 256-bit encryption available with the most advanced plan. There are no real restrictions on traffic or data usage, aside from a standard ‚fair use‘ policy, but bandwidth is reduced, as paid customers are given priority.

Shellfire VPN does not keep logs of its customers‘ internet activity, downloads or online communications. Users of the restricted free version are included in this policy. That said, a limited amount of information, such as connection times, may be recorded.

Servers and Countries
Shellfire has servers based in the Netherlands, Denmark, Spain, France, Switzerland, Iceland, Isle of Man, Singapore, Russia, Sweden, England, Poland, Germany, Belgium, USA, Chile, Liechtenstein and Italy.

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