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Anybody with concerns about Internet security is advised to sign up for a virtual private networking (VPN) plan and Privateinternetaccess is one supplier that’s fully committed to providing great encryption for all users, coupled with fast speeds.

Privateinternetaccess provides a great value VPN and is a U.S.-based company which guarantees user anonymity and top speeds. Accounts can be opened anonymously when users pay with Bitcoin or gift cards, though an email address will normally be required. Alternatively, customers can also pay with Google Wallet, Paypal or credit cards. It’s possible to purchase a monthly plan or sign up for longer periods of time and receive discounted rates. Customers signing up for the service over a year will find that Privateinternetaccess is one of the best value VPNs currently available.

Customer support is available via a live chat service on the company’s website and a very comprehensive support section is also provide. Most customers will probably find their questions answered if they take time to access the Privateinternetaccess client support pages. Customers also have the ability to access the company blog for more information and check out the forums for helpful tips and advice. Where customers do have problems with Privateinternetaccess, though, the company does not offer any form of money back guarantee. This is one detrimental aspect that is compounded by the fact they don’t offer any free trial of their services either.

Configuring devices for the service is a simple matter of just following the guidelines on the company website. Users can connect up to five devices on a simultaneous basis with Privateinternetaccess, so a plan does protect mobile devices as well as home-based Internet enabled devices.

Privateinternetaccess has a worldwide server base, though most are within the United States. Users can access the website to carry out speed tests for all server locations and find out where they can achieve the best service and it is a noticeably fast VPN service.
They offer servers in these countries: Canada, England, France, Germany, Hong Kong, the Netherlands, Romania, Sweden, Switzerland and the USA.

Signing up with Private Internet Access is a great option for consumers with serious concerns about Internet security as this company has sincere commitment to providing the best, secure encryption which is coupled with the fastest available speeds.

Customers based in locations where websites and services are regularly blocked will find they can unblock these site when they have a VPN plan from PrivateInternetAccess. That said, the company do say they only support legal P2P traffic and filesharing. This may not be the best provider for many torrenting or fileshare customers.

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