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IPVanish lied about their logging policy, we do not recommend to use them. More here

IPVanish has been managing networks for fifteen years and is now providing a VPN service. they have more than 40,000 IPs in forty-four countries. There are no download or reconnection limits and P2P file sharing is permitted.

The service is available for Windows and Mac OS X computers. IPVanish has a dedicated support service available twenty-four hours a day. They also have special software designed to facilitate easy access to the VPN for their users.

Their servers are located in all sixty countries they serve, these include the U.S.A. and Canada, twenty-three European countries several East Asian countries, South Africa and Egypt. Time connection and separation are stored, along with unused IPs. More VPN Provider are here to be found.

They currently do not offer trials; only one month, three month and one year packages but they do offer a one-week money back guarantee.

IPVanish operates in the following countries: Argentina, Bulgaria, Netherlands, India, Russia, Poland, Japan, Sweden, Italy, Panama, France, Portugal, Switzerland, Czech Republic, New Zealand, Norway, Iceland, Canada, Finland, Slovakia, Latvia, Brazil, China, Luxembourg, Germany, Egypt, Malaysia, Lithuania, Hungary, U.S., Turkey, Belgium, Romania, South Korea, Australia, Denmark, Austria, South Africa, UK, Spain, Singapore

IPVanish lied about their logging policy, we do not recommend to use them.

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